Top 3 Reusable Grocery Bags in India

Top 3 Reusable Grocery Bags in India

Are you Eco-friendliest and want a simple and effective way to adapt to the environment? Then you should reduce the usage of single-use plastics. Buying a set of reusable grocery bags means that you can save the environment by not using plastic bags every time you go shopping.

The best reusable grocery bags come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. They can be used multiple times and do not affect the environment while burying in the ground.

Let’s take a look at some of the top 3 reusable grocery bags and find the perfect one for you, but before that, we should know the importance of using reusable grocery bags.

Importance of Reusable Grocery Bags

When you go shopping, then most shopkeepers give the grocery items in plastic bags or paper bags. They both are bad for the environment. You may think that paper is the greenest option. But in reality, whatever you choose between paper and plastic or whatever your intention is, you still choose wrong. There’s a better option available, and that is reusable grocery bags.

There is a movement going on across the country as consumers purchase their reusable bags to carry their groceries home. While they cost slightly more, reusable bags have many benefits, especially when it comes to reducing plastic bag pollution and plastics’ environmental impact.

There are many reasons for not choosing plastic from their production to reduce their recycling, their tendency to end up in landfill or worse. They take years to decompose and create lots of problems for the animals.

Talking about paper bags, they are the best way to reduce plastic and takes less time to decompose. However, according to NASA, paper bags are made from trees, which are essential to conserving. Also, they take lots of energy to produce usable products from recycled material.

These are some of the common reasons for using reusable bags instead of paper or plastic bags, but let’s consider some of the more distinct benefits of reusable bags.

Save Resources

Although plastic bags are small and light, they have far more environmental impact than you can imagine, starting with the energy needed to make them. According to the reports, millions of tons of oil are used to make plastic bags consumed every year in India. So, using reusable grocery bags can save us lots of minerals.

Reduce Pollution

Well, plastic has a devastating impact on the environment. Plastic bags that we use can take 15 to 1,000 years to break down. Also, they entered into waters, such as rivers or seas, or floated in your area.

Avoid Recycling Problems

As you know, It is very challenging to recycle plastic bags. Many recycling teams fail to meet the challenge. It isn’t easy to distinguish them from the other processed foods. If we start using reusable bags, then there is no need to recycle plastic bags, and the problem will be solved.

Protecting Wildlife

Due to plastic, more than lakhs of marine animals die each year. Most marine animals consume plastic in the ocean for food. Most animals got trapped in the plastic and killed due to it. So, plastic is one of the significant causes of animal death.

Enjoy Strength and Durability

One of the significant points of using reusable grocery bags is their strength and durability. Plastic bags are not very durable as they tear easily and are not able to hold sharp items. Simultaneously, reusable bags are easy to use for both loading and unloading and are more likely to survive for all heavy items. Leaking problems are less likely to occur with reusable bags, and it is easy to hold them too.

Top 3 Reusable Grocery Bags

Heavy Duty Waterproof Shopping / Grocery Bags

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This Eco-friendly reusable bag is best for daily groceries. They are available in two packs of small colour in different sizes. The storage capacity is also large and can easily fulfill the capacity of six plastic bags.


They are waterproof as well as spill proof. If there is any leakage, it will not get out and keep you safe from spills.
These bags are also designed specially and can easily stand with any support. That makes it easy to load and unload grocery items and reduce the risk of falling bags while in the trunk.
The handles are also durable and come in three packs in orange color.
You can also use them as a storage option in your home or office. By this, it can save your lot of space.
It is a large capacity reusable grocery bags that can easily hold up to 50 lbs.
9.2Expert Score

  • Easily handles 25 kg of items.
  • Water and spill-proof.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Non-woven fabric
  • Durable handle
  • Easily folded
  • None

Elios Designer Pattern Reusable and Foldable Grocery Bags

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It would be better to use Eco-friendly Elios designer pattern reusable bags instead of plastic bags as this one has many benefits. It can easily handle heavy items and are easy to carry. This bag is non-toxic and does not provide harm to the environment.


Elios Designer bags have different trendy patterns and attractive designs on them, which is quite awesome.
They are easily foldable and quickly get into your pocket, in a purse, or in a bag. The foldable bags is just the size of a credit card.
They are made up of high-quality polyester material. The fabric is lightweight but sturdy and can easily handle upto 18 kgs of weight.
The dimension of the bag is 35X46X8 cm.
They are available in a pack of three with different trendy patterns on them.
They are easily washable.
8.2Expert Score

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  • Waterproof
  • 18 kg of capacity
  • Easy to carry
  • Durable
  • The handle grip is not quite good

Insulated Reusable Grocery Bags

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If you go to the shop to buy frozen food items then you need to keep them fresh until you get home. This can be very difficult especially in summer. For eg. If you buy ice cream, you may find that it gets melted during the way.

Fortunately, this large insulated grocery bag can help to solve problems. It has many features and benefits and is one of the best ways to prevent the environment from plastic.


This reusable grocery bag has heavy-duty insulated walls to protect the food temperature from the outside environment. It helps in keeping your food temperature remain the same whether it is hot or cold.
It also has a PEVA lining feature that makes this bag waterproof and leak-proof. It helps in protecting the bag in the case of leaks. Also, it is easy to clean.
This bag has extra-long straps for easy handling of heavy loads.
A pair of matching bags are available for added convenience. If you have a big list of grocery items then this extra bag must be helpful for you.
The bags are strong and durable and can easily hold extra heavy items.
The bag is designed to store frozen food for at least 30 minutes. So, If you are looking for the best reusable insulated grocery bag, then this one is a great option.
8.6Expert Score

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  • Designed to keep food hot or cold
  • Extra-long handles are given for easy transport
  • Leak-proof and waterproof
  • It has a particularly large capacity
  • Not good for hot food items


In this article, we discussed the main benefits of reusable grocery bags and what to look for when choosing reusable grocery bags. We also discussed that reusable bags are Eco-friendly and non-toxic to the environment. They are one of the best replacements for plastic bags.

We hope you enjoyed our article on the top 3 reusable grocery bags and our article helps you in finding your bags too. So, if you have any questions related to this topic left then let me know in the comment section. I hope you have a wonderful day ahead.

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